Centennial Modules II Corner Module.

Jim's Model Railroads and Modules List

Below is a history of the model railroads and modules which I have constructed through the years.  The majority of the modules have been in HO scale for the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club with a few other in N scale, O scale, and O gauge for good measure.  As of early 2018, I have built benchwork for 241 module sections which totals 988 linear feet!  About 25% of these modules were for me personally with the rest built as club projects or as a help to my friends in the club.  Check out the links below for the story behind each model railroad and module.

2018 - Modules Built: 31, Lifetime Total to Date: 241

Year in Review: After the successful display of the completed Tribute to Springfield layout at the 50th Anniversay Railroad Hobby Show, it is time for a new project. Planning for the new Apple Creek Railroad is well underway as of February 2018. However construction is on hold for a bit as the club's Lionel FasTrack modular layout is expanding so rapidly the three railers are building another three dozen plus modules in the shop. In total, 31 modules have been constructed so far this year with more to come!

MPRR Lionel FastTrack Modules 3'x4'
Apple Creek Railroad 7'x12'

2017 - Modules Built: 30, Lifetime Total to Date: 210

Year in Review: Another milestone passed this year - the 200th module constructed! The club's newest layout - a Lionel FasTrack modular layout - was expanding so I offered to hold one of our now regular module build sessions in my shop. In total, 21 modules were constructed with enough material for eight additional modules cut for future use by new members.  In celebration, the 200th module built was set aside and built into Bicentennial Modules - a factory which builds modules in O scale! 

Bicentennial Modules2.5'x4'

2016 - Modules Built: 14, Lifetime Total to Date: 180

Year in Review: After learning about the rail spur which used to serve the Eastern States Exposition (home of the Railroad Hobby Show), I decided to build an O scale Tribute to Springfield layout.  I re-used the benchwork from the 2015 projects - Amtrak MOW and Tribute to Springfield (HO) - plus built two new modules.  This module set debuted at the 2016 Railroad Hobby Show and earned Second Place in the layout contest at the National Train Show in Indianapolis, IN.  This year saw the development of the BranchTRAK concept - a table top HO scale module standard and the construction of the first sample module - Orange Tree Company II. Also, I built an N scale layout for a fellow club member. 

Tribute to Springfield - O Scale 6'x12'
Orange Tree Company II 16.5"x4'
MacLeod Central 2'x6'

2015 - Modules Built: 3, Lifetime Total to Date: 166

Year in Review: Just in time for the Railroad Hobby Show, this year I built the HO scale Tribute to Springfield module - an ode to my favorite train show of the year. Photos of the Young Building were included in the 2016 and 2017 show flyers!  I also built another module for myself - an 8' module set featuring a maintenance of way (MOW) siding.

MOW Siding2'x8'
Tribute to Springfield2'x4'

2014 - Modules Built: 29, Lifetime Total to Date: 162

Year in Review: With the club headed to the National Train Show in July of this year, I was kept busy making a number of modules for the show. It worked out well that the club's entire layout took home First Place and several of the modules below were part of the layout.  We also held another club module benchwork building session which allowed me to pass the 160 module mark!

Young Building Corner2.5'x2'+Corner
Mohegan Pequot Railroad Park2'x4'
Orange Tree Company2.5'x2'
Centennial Modules II3'x4'+Corner
16" Spacer Module16"x2'

2012 - Modules Built: 14. Lifetime to Date: 131

Year in Review: The big project for the year was the construction of the two rail O scale Wood River Branch modular layout.  This layout featured 10 sections including another stone arch bridge module.  In addition to my personal projects below, I also helped with some friend's modules like Billstown and the Reading Flyover module.    

Wood River Branch12'x16'

2011 - Modules Built: 11. Lifetime to Date: 117

Year in Review: Since it had been five years since the last big club module build session, several more members now wanted modules. We ended up having another module build session and built about a dozen module sections for members. In addition, I built a small 2' spacer module called Rivulet - you can watch the time lapse of the construction on YouTube. This was a fun project and was completed in less than 90 hours! In addition, I built a module for the club called Pequot Yard and helped build the benchwork for my friend's Enola & Western layout.

Pequot Yard2.5'x12'
Rivulet Spacer2'x2'
Enola & Western34'x34'

2010 - Modules Built: 1. Lifetime to Date: 106

Year in Review: Having lived in the midwest for several years and going through module building withdrawal, I was able to return back to the east coast and fire up the shop again. The first project was a small 2'x4' module featuring one of the famous Pennsylvania Railroad stone arch bridges. The module came out very well and made an appearance at the Railroad Hobby Show.

Sherman's Creek2'x4'

2007 - Modules Built: 2. Lifetime to Date: 105

Year in Review: During a club trip in 2004, I discovered Rockville Bridge - the world's longest stone masonry bridge in the world. I immediately thought it would make a spectacular modules and by 2007, I thought it was time to build the module. Naturally, I procrastinated a bit and started the project only 90 days before the Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, MA. The module was complete in time for the show and I wrote about the adventure of building the module with the story 90 Days to Rockville.

Rockville Bridge2.5'x12'

2006 - Modules Built: 17. Lifetime to Date: 103

Year in Review: With many club members receiving new modules in 2005, naturally those who hadn't wanted new modules a year earlier now did. In addition, the club had wanted a new staging and transition yard set as the old one, built about 15 years earlier, was starting to wear down. So in the summer of 2006, the club embarked on building more new modules. During this module construction, I passed the one hundred module mark. To celebrate, Centennial Modules, the 100th module built in the shop, was naturally a model of a factory that built modules.

Rockville CornerCorner
Centennial Modules2.5'x4'
Prairie CornerCorner
MP Junction2.5'x12'

2005 - Modules Built: 42. Lifetime to Date: 86

Year in Review: Many club modules were beginning to show their age by 2005.  It was decided to hold a module building session at my shop where over a period of three weekends, the club members built 42 module sections.  While only one was for me personally, I ended working on many of these modules through the years  You can see profiles of these modules on the club website here: Pennsy Yard, Delany Yard, Pomfret, CT, Mountain Lumber, Marysville, and KAJAC Paper.

JS Tank Car Repair2.5'x6'

2004 - Modules Built: 1. Lifetime to Date: 44

Year in Review: While 2004 was a slow year for module building, this year saw the most challenging project I have taken on to date - club's logging and sawmill complex.

Logging Mountain50"x50"

2003 - Modules Built: 1. Lifetime to Date: 43

Year in Review: By 2003, the club was having serious discussion about how to design lightweight modules since the passenger modules were proving to be a disaster weighing in at 20 lbs per foot! We had an informal design contest to build lightweight benchwork and this Prairie Peddler module was the result.

Prairie Peddler2'x4'

2002 - Modules Built: 11. Lifetime to Date: 42

Year in Review: Even though the N scale version was a bit too small for me, the trackplan of the N scale Switchman's Sharpener was interesting.  I decided to scale up the plan for use with the HO layout.

Switchman's Sharpener - HO Scale2'x8'

2001 - Modules Built: 11. Lifetime to Date: 31

Year in Review: While much of the year was spent constructing the club's Passenger Module Complex, I did give N scale a try with a oNeTRAK module based on a switching game.

Switchman's Sharpener - N Scale1'x4'

2000 - Modules Built: 3. Lifetime to Date: 20

Year in Review: The second operating drawbridge module was the Connecticut River Drawbridge module.  Around this time period I was also starting my home layout featuring scenes from the Northeast Corridor and this module was designed to be incorporated into this railroad as well as be used on the road. A video playlist documenting the construction of the home layout can be found on my YouTube channel.

Connecticut River Drawbridge2'x12'
The Shoreline Route13'x19'

1999 - Modules Built: 7. Lifetime to Date: 17

Year in Review: With 10 modules under my belt, I was starting to feel ambitious. I've always been a fan of railroad bridges - in particular drawbridges. My first attempt to model one came as the Niantic River Drawbridge. This year I also helped friends of mine build modules based on Old Saybrook, CT, and a Golf Course.  This year also marked the beginning of my time caretaking a 4'x6' HO layout for the TAMR.

Niantic River Drawbridge2'x4'
TAMR 4'x6' Layout4'x6'

1998 - Modules Built: 3. Lifetime to Date: 10

Year in Review: Amazingly, one of the modules I built in 1998 still survives today. This module was OWL Junction - a small 2'x4' switching module I built in January 1998. Over a 10 year span, the module was displayed at about 25 events until about 2008. In 2009, the module was taken by an individual in Wisconsin and it is still in active service as of 2012 with the Southern Wisconsin Sandhouse Crew - an awesome modular layout group if you ever have a chance to see them.

OWL Junction2'x4'

1997 - Modules Built: 6. Lifetime to Date: 7

Year in Review: After building my first module, I was hooked. During 1997, I worked on three more modules. The first was a simple 1'x4' HO module with a train station scene for a school project. The second was an adaptation of the famous Gum Stump & Snowshoe track plan and the third module was based on the Old Main Branch below.

Old Main Branch4'x8'

1996 - Modules Built: 1. Lifetime to Date: 1

Year in Review: This module building adventure began in 1996 with a simple 2.5'x8' yard module.

Jim's Yard2.5'x8'