Bicentennial Modules

Bicentennial Modules

Lionel FasTrack Module

Module At A Glance

Module Theme: Factory
Size: 30"x45"
Scale: O Gauge
Era: 2000s
Track: Lionel FasTrack
Turnouts: N/A
Min. Radius: N/A

Article by: Jim Spavins
Published: July 31, 2017

For the last year, the club where I am a member - the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club - has been welcoming a new modular layout. This additional layout is based on the Lionel FasTrack Module Standards and is meant to be more of a family friendly modular layout with a low layout height (just 31" off the floor) and interactive animated features built into the modules.

As has become a regular occurance, the new modular layout was in a need of a group benchwork build and my shop was nominated as the perfect spot. Having hosted five major build sessions over the last fifteen years, a module build session was scheduled for the shop in March 2017.

In all, 29 new module sections (8 corner module sections and 21 linear modules) were constructed for a number of club members. After doing a little math, I realized the shop had been a part of the construction of 209 module sections! As I did a decade ago when we reached the 100 milestone, a celebratory module was in order. In 2006, the celebratory 100th module was Centennial Modules - a module which featured a scene of a factory which built - modules! This time around, the celebratory 200th module features the same theme - just slightly larger and with the new brand name - Bicentennial Modules.

The 30"x45" linear module features the two standard mainline tracks on the front of the module. Raised about one inch above rail height, the large Bicentennial Modules building features a retail store and manufacturing facility and fills out the back of the module. There are three main doors on the center section of the building which have small mini-scenes showing modules under construction. The first has employees cutting lumber for modules to size, the second has employees hammering together the module sections, and the final opening looks into a spray booth where module are painted. To provide some animation for the younger show attendees, the front of the module has three buttons - in red, white, and blue - which activate a light and sound file highlighting each of the mini-scenes.

I'd like to thank Kevin Davis - the club's new O Gauge Module Coordinator - for helping me figure out what to do with that extra rail in the middle of the track as well as fellow club members Stu Dom and Jack Howie for helping put together the Arduino sketch to animate the module.

A bird's eye view of the module. | Photo by Jim Spavins.