Tribute to Springfield Operations

While on the surface, the Tribute to Springfield layout seems simple, switching the layout takes quite a bit of time and thought.  With tight capacities on every siding - as well as a rule that no cars can be spotted over a grade crossing - this layout will challenge experienced operators.

Operations Scenario

Starting Scenario

You are a crew member working the spur for the weekend of the Railroad Hobby Show.  Lot's of exhibitors are transporting their displays to the show via rail. As you report for duty, three box cars are spotted on the property - two at the Young Building loading dock and one at the loading dock by the Slide.  CSX has dropped two more box cars on the interchange track which need to be delivered - one to the Young Building loading dock and one to the Slide loading dock.  The two cars in those spots have been unloaded and are ready to be moved.  The other car isn't quite unloaded yet but can be moved temporarily. Your locomotive is parked by the maintenance of way area on the bottom right hand corner of the layout below.

Young Building

Slide Loading Dock

Interchange Track

Finished Scenario

Can you move all the cars into place in time for the show?

Below are the final spots for the box cars.

Young Building

  • St. Mary's Railroad - 50' Box Car (Brown)
  • Clarendon and Pittsfield - 50' Box Car (Yellow)

Slide Loading Dock

  • New Hope & Ivyland Railroad - 50' Box Car (Green)

Interchange Track

  • Providence & Worcester - 50' Box Car (Red)
  • Golden West Service - 50' Box Car (Blue)

Track Capacity Charts

A couple of quick rules to keep in mind as you determine the switching solution.

  • No cars can be left on the grade crossing. Stopping to uncouple is ok.
  • Track capacity chart below.