An overview of the 2011 Railroad Hobby Show inside the Young Building.

An overview of the 2011 Railroad Hobby Show inside the Young Building. | Photo by Jim Spavins.

2011 Railroad Hobby Show

Show Highlights

The 2011 Railroad Hobby Show once again featured a wide range of vendors and exhibitors spread across four buildings on the Eastern States Exhibition fairgrounds. A number of new exhibitors were added to the weekend’s lineup as 20,000 SF was added to the display area inside the Mallary Complex. Over 20,000 people attended the show again helping the organization’s goals of raising money for various railroad preservation organizations.

Besides raising money for various railroad museums and scenic railroads, the Amherst Railway Society also donates a portion of the proceeds from the show to the Baystate Children’s Hospital. This year, the organization teamed up with Bachmann Trains to build a 4x8 style HO layout which was raffled off during the show. Tickets were sold for $1 apiece and the money donated to the hospital.

A nice perk this year was the new show car which was available to the public for the first time. Since 2002, Amherst had produced a show car and given them to exhibitors with HO scale layouts as a thank you for displaying layouts at the show. The 2011 Show Car was produced by ExactRail and was made available for sale to the general public at the Amherst Railway Show booth in the Mallary Complex. The show car was a 50’ X - Gunderson 5200 Box Car with a red and white paint scheme (see photo below). The car was also made available in N scale – a first for the show car.

The 2012 Railroad Hobby Show will be held on January 28 and 29, 2012.

Show Awards

  • 2011 Best in Show Module – Valley HOtrak
  • 2011 Best in Show Layout - Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation

2011 Show Facts

Dates: January 29-30, 2011
Hours: Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Admission: Adults: $10, Children: Free
Attendance: 20,459+
Venue: Eastern States Exposition
Buildings: Better Living Center, Young Building, Stroh Building, Mallary Complex
Location: West Springfield, MA

2011 Railroad Hobby Show Media Coverage

2011 Railroad Hobby Show Videos

2011 Show Car

Amherst Belt Lines - ABEL 201130

2011 Show Car Highlights

Roadname: Amherst Belt Lines
Car Number: ABEL 201130
Car Type: 50' Box Car
Manufacturer: Exactrail
Description: In 2011, the show car was this nicely appointed red and white Amherst Belt Lines box car from Exactrail. This is truly a step up in quality from some of the earlier shake the box type kits which had been available.

2011 Railroad Hobby Show Grants

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